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Why do I have to send my files in to be fixed? Why can't I fix the files myself?

In cases where a backup cannot be restored to correct corrupt tables or inaccurate information that exists within the database, normal backups of your database need to be sent to Data Services for correction. This is a service that ACS Technologies provides to our clients. The Data Services department is made up of knowledgeable analysts totaling over 31 years of experience with database repair. In all cases where files are received, we will "clean up" the tables and look for any other issues that could cause issues down the road. It is our job to be there for you and get your organization back up and running as quickly as possible.

Why did my tables become corrupt to start with?

There are many factors that can lead to table corruption within the database. Power surges, computer viruses, hard drives failing, failing network cards, bad network protocols, network cables that are going bad, and computers locking up at inopportune times can all be issues that lead to database corruption. In situations where a backup either does not exist or is out-of-date, Data Services will work with your current backup and try to recover as much information as possible. In some instances, additional backups will be requested in order to ensure that we recover all the files for your system.

How can I prevent my tables from becoming corrupt?

There are several things to consider when trying to prevent table corruption. Determining what caused the issue is the first priority. Have your network checked out by a computer tech or contact our Professional Services department to help trouble shoot issues on your system. Another suggestion would be doing all of your critical work on faster PCs. In cases where a faster computer is not available, try to keep your postings to small batches, be it contribution gifts, attendance marking or general ledger transactions. This greatly reduces the amount of time that tables will be open and exposed to possible corruption.

How did my database become inaccurate?

There are several issues that can be looked at that would cause data to be inaccurate within your database. One issue would be user error. Information was posted to the wrong date or to the wrong year. There are also cases where rebuilding a corrupt table will cause the rebuild program to drop data from the tables. The program will see the corruption and try to correct it. In doing so, it may accidentally remove good data from the table as well. To avoid this, never rebuild a table without first making a backup and discussing the situation with someone from our support department.

What is involved in correcting my data files?

If your data needs to be sent in to Data Services for correction, we will need a current backup of your People and/or Financial suite data. In some cases, a prior backup before the error occurred may be needed as well. A Data Service Analyst will be responsible of getting your information corrected and back to you. Unless you call to schedule a time with us, we take all information on a first come first serve basis.

Why isn't the cost involved in correcting my data included in my support contract?

Correcting data issues is a service that is provided by ACS Technologies. In many cases, information is fixed without a charge because we are unable to determine whether or not the issue is program generated. However, if the error is discovered not to be program generated and the information needs to be sent to us to be corrected, a fee will be applied. Data Services will contact you if there is a charge before correcting your data files. Once completed, a Data Service Analyst will contact you and inform you of the final cost for the service.

How do I make a backup to send in to be corrected?

On an administrative workstation, click on START, click on Programs, click on the ACS group, and select the icon for BACKUP. You will need to log into the program with your ACS user name and password. Once in, make sure that you have the correct suite selected. If you are sending in files to be corrected, you can choose to omit picture files and include BU files. Picture files can make a backup very large; however, BU files can be used by us to recover any information that may be missing from your tables. Next, in the upper right hand corner, select the option for backup. A new window will open up asking you, "Where would you like to backup the files to?" If you are backing up to a zip disk, DVD, or Memory stick, you will need to select that drive. If you plan on sending your files in via web uploads or CD, then backing the file up to your hard drive will be fine because you can upload the file from anywhere on your PC, and you can burn a file to CD from anywhere on your PC as well.

What are some of the ways that I can send my files in to be fixed?

Data Services can accept data files through several different venues. For clients that have a support contract with ACS Technologies, we have a secure Web site that clients can upload their data files directly to. Even with a slow connection to the Internet, this is the fastest way to transfer your information to us. We also accept files through uploads to an FTP site. If you need to mail a backup in to us, we accept CDs, Flash, Thumbdrives, or memory sticks.

Do I really have to wait 3 to 5 business days before I get my data back?

In many cases, the answer is "No, you don't have to wait that long." However, on a day-by-day basis, client requests can vary in number. Workload and the severity of the issue directly impact the speed of our turn around time. We reserve the right to quote 3 to 5 business days in order to guarantee that you are not left without some idea as to when to expect your data files back. If cases prove to be very difficult and are unable to be resolved within our normal turn around time, an analyst from Data Services will contact you to let you know the status of your information and provide you with an estimated time of completion.

How can I send my files in via web uploads?

To share your data files with the Data Services Team, please use the following link:

You will need your organization's site number and PIN to log in before uploading your files.

How can I download my files via web uploads?

You will need your organization's site number and PIN to log in before downloading your files.  As with any files that are corrected, a member of the Data Services Team will be in contact with you to let you know that your information is corrected and will assist you with downloading and restoring the files if needed.

Where do I need to mail my backup?

ACS Data Services
180 Dunbarton Dr.
Florence, SC 29501

Notification via email to prior to mailing your information is not necessary but is appreciated.

To contact Data Services, please call 800.475.2710 or send an email by completing the Data Services Inquiry Form.

Call 1.800.736.7425
call 1.800.669.2509