Accounts Receivable
Effectively manage your outgoing bills and incoming payments with ACS Accounts Receivable™. You can create unlimited revenues and connect income to specific accounts. Unlimited charge items with customized frequencies means fast and accurate billing. Process automation enables you to produce batch invoices quickly.
Key Features
  • Provide on-the-spot receipting which is convenient for 'walk in' payments.
  • Create custom billing codes for convenient, accurate billing for fees and services.
  • Run invoices in batches, rather than created record by record.
  • Apply billing codes for multiple fees automatically, while providing custom discounting where applicable (e.g. a family who receives a multiple child discount).
  • Link to ACS School Suite for tuition billing.
  • Add "customers" directly in the module or from People or HeadMaster.
  • Name and create as many different "Revenue Centers" as needed and tie to the appropriate income accounts.
  • Define the billing frequency by user for more system flexibility.
  • Define your own aging periods - 30,60,90, or some other range.
  • Quickly add, delete, or edit invoices.
  • Print or or view reports on screen including: Aging Report, Customer Listing, Unapplied Payments, Billing Codes, and Revenue Centers.
  • Print statements using various options to determine which customers receive statements.
  • Print statements on plain paper or ACS forms.
  • Utilize Accounts Receivable as a complement to the ACS financial solution.
Additional Tools
  • Promote your facility on the Web.  Reach out to the community around you and start growing your numbers with an innovative Web site. Extend is an online content management solution for organizations that want to edit their Web sites quickly and easily.
  • Secure your vital data. LiveStor® is a remote backup program designed to protect your most valuable data files by automatically transferring them over the Internet and storing them safely in our secure servers. Backup any type of file, schedule automatic backups, and monitor performance from anywhere via the Internet.
  • Connect with parents and children online. Enable parents to monitor their child's progress, attendance, behavior, and dues over the Internet. Let children and parents easily communicate with staff and check on assignments and announcements while online. HeadMaster® Online helps you connect with your members using the highest Web security standards in the industry.
Complete Support and Training

All ACS software solutions come with comprehensive support and training options, including:

  • Receive all the support and services of the Preferred Client Program when you are on HM OnDemand, including unlimited access to well-trained, knowledgeable support representatives during regular business hours, 24/7 access to the online help center, a selection of online self-paced training videos, and free software upgrades. Desktop clients receive a free 90-day enrollment into this program.
  • Comprehensive, context-sensitive Help documents accessible with F1 Key
  • Access to a variety of training formats, including regional training schools, self-paced online videos, a national convention, and customized training online or at your facility.
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