HeadMaster Online
Connect with parents and students outside of the classroom. HeadMaster® Online* enables parents and students to go online and view assignments, grades, progress, and communicate with teachers. Teachers have the freedom to access information at their leisure from the comfort of their own homes. This is a great communication tool for:
Small Colleges
Learning Centers
Key Features
  • Employs the highest level of Web security standards
  • Protects and keeps private all data
  • Individuals are assigned unique and secure logins
  • Viewers are granted access to view only data relevant to them
  • Student and classroom information is viewable from anywhere over the Internet
  • Data is uploaded from HeadMaster Plus or Pro
  • Requires HeadMaster Plus or HeadMaster Pro
  • Visit the HeadMaster Academy site to explore a demo site with HeadMaster Online

HeadMaster Online is designed be easy to use and helpful for:


  • Monitor child’s progress, grades, attendance, and behavior
  • Pay tuition and lunch fees online
  • Keep up with homework assignments
  • Review class schedules and class calendars
  • View tuition and cafeteria balances
  • Communicate with teachers


  • Check grades received on a recent test or project
  • View homework assignments and due dates
  • Review class schedules and class calendars
  • Communicate with teachers


  • View student information
  • Post class announcements
  • Update homework assignments
  • Communicate with individual students and parents


  • View students’ performances
  • Track detailed information
  • Monitor all attempts to login, logout, and upload to the program
Additional Tools
  • Get a handle on billing. In addition to providing quality care and education, you are running a business. Therefore, it is crucial for your facility to collect various fees from your members in a timely manner. HeadMaster Billing makes it simple to organize and record payments and provides multiple ways for you to monitor outstanding accounts.
  • Automate your library. Whether you are automating for the first time, upgrading from an existing automation system, or consolidating to centralize your resources, Surpass is the solution to automate your library. Get a full-featured, automated library system with Surpass SL©.
  • Promote your facility on the Web. Reach out to the community around you and start growing your numbers with an innovative Web site. Extend™ is an online content management solution for organizations that want to edit their Web sites quickly and easily.
  • Secure your vital data. LiveStor® is a remote backup program designed to protect your most valuable data files by automatically transferring them over the Internet and storing them safely in our secure servers. Backup any type of file, schedule automatic backups, and monitor performances from anywhere over the Internet.
Complete Support and Training

All HeadMaster Software solutions come with comprehensive support and training options, including:

  • FREE access to HeadMaster Orientation Series, a set of online videos and resources designed to take administrative users through setup and provide you with teacher and parent training models
  • Complete how-to manuals available upon request
  • FREE 90-day enrollment into our Preferred Client Program, which provides you with unlimited telephone and email support, 24/7 access to the Online Help Center, free software upgrades, plus much more.
  • Comprehensive, context-sensitive Help documents accessible with the F1 Key
call 1.800.736.7425
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